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Discover our new custom skeletons, a set of NPC mobs that will populate the dungeons and wilds of Lumenshard, ranging from simple altercations to complex fights.

Lumenshard Team

Hello Lumenshard Adventurers!

We're thrilled to share some exciting updates with you about our latest mob development. We've been working tirelessly over the past three months on a brand new set of skeleton monsters, introducing an engaging twist to a foundational mob of the game.

In Lumenshard, our skeletons aren't just your average undead beings. They are animated through our unique magic system, deriving power from energy sources akin to batteries. You'll often find them lurking near power sources or man-made batteries - a novel element of magic power storage exclusive to Lumenshard.

In Lumenshard, armor tiers are more than just aesthetic differences – they reflect the difficulty level of each skeleton variant. The higher the tier, the more challenging the encounter. This ensures a continuous escalation in gameplay, keeping players engaged and on their toes. Always remember, it's not just about the power of your attack, but also understanding the strength, weaknesses, and timing of your opponent.

An Army of Skeletal Variety

Each skeleton type in Lumenshard presents a unique challenge to players, with distinct defense mechanisms and potential dangers based on their armor tiers:

Unarmored Skeletons

These skeletons, though lacking in armor, make up for their weakness in defense with agility. They are quick on their feet, and can overwhelm the player with relative ease. They are also often found in larger groups, making up for their individual frailty with strength in numbers. Their primitive weapons may not deal significant damage, but underestimation could lead to a swift demise by the hands of a skeleton mob.

Unarmored Skeletons

Leather Armored Skeletons

A step up from the unarmored skeletons, these foes are equipped with leather armor which provides them a bit more durability. Their armor isn't particularly resistant to any form of physical or arcane attacks, but it can still absorb a fair amount of damage. These skeletons are often equipped with ranged weapons, so they pose a threat from a distance and can be difficult to approach.

Leather Armored Skeletons

Chainmail Armored Skeletons

With their chainmail armor, these skeletons can sustain more damage before falling. They also have an increased variety of weaponry, ranging from bows and crossbows to rusted iron swords and shields. This diversity in their arsenal can make battles unpredictable, as they can ambush an unsuspecting adventurer with variety of melee and ranged attacks in an instant.

Iron Chainmail Armored Skeletons

Oxidized Copper Plate Armored Skeletons

These skeletons present a significant challenge with their heavy oxidized copper armor, which provides them with considerable protection. What's more, some have been spotted dual wielding weapons and rushing foes, making their attacks more damaging and difficult to dodge. Facing them would require careful strategy and swift movement.

Oxidized Copper Armored Skeletons

Rusted Iron Armored Skeletons

The most formidable of all, these skeletons wear rusted iron armor, providing them with the highest level of defense among this first set of skeleton ranks. They wield heavy, two-handed weapons, and their strikes can deal devastating damage. They are also more resistant to magic attacks, making them an even tougher opponent. Fighting them will require superior gear, sound tactics, and perhaps a bit of luck.

Rusted Iron Armored Skeletons

Powering the Nightmare

The human body is a fragile thing when it comes to holding a mortal soul in the Lumenshard world. Free a spirit through death and its vessel breaks beyond repair; there's no getting any spirit back in that body. At least, not permanently, and not without power. True resurrection is all but impossible for any length of time, and the longer the damaged vessel is made to hold a spirit, the faster it will decay.

But mages have found ways to substitute mortal spirits and reanimate bodies, not just temporarily but for long spans of time. Simple, artificial souls can be woven into vessels both original and constructed, creating powerful servants for the ethically challenged. The energy cost may not be high, but it is continuous, sometimes requiring the use of magical storage conduits that might best be described as batteries.

First Concept Model for a Bonepile Battery

In Lumenshard, mages are more than spellcasters. They are also tinkerers and artisans, crafting the tools of their trade and imbuing them with desired properties. Mage batteries may take on many forms, from simple crystals housed in protective glass cases to the intact bodies of the mages themselves. While most magic users simply take power from the batteries to use in their sorcery, these sources can also be used to awaken the dead.

If a mage wants their undead thralls to operate without constant maintenance, they can enchant a vessel to take power from a battery instead. The awakened being will then act as commanded until the power runs out, though they can be instructed to recharge them from magic fonts. As with their creators, batteries can only transmit power within range of their targets, so when skeletons emerge there's likely to be a power source close by. Anomalies do exist, however, and some supernatural phenomena can cause mass resurrections. Neither a mage nor their batteries have awakened the dead here, leading to unpredictable outcomes.

Batteries are just one facet of the unique magic system in Lumenshard, giving players multiple ways to interact with the world. Undead enemies will use them to stay in the fight, and stronger varieties may wield them directly just as players can. Strategy and resource management balance raw arcane power for friend and foe alike, bringing a new dynamic to familiar mechanics.

Quality Combat

Our skeletons boast a variety of game mechanics, including multiple types of attacks and attack patterns. Shielded skeletons can even block oncoming blows with a high level of consistency. But don't worry - if you time it right, you can parry a skeleton's strike, causing it to wobble and step away, rendering their shields useless and increasing your damage output.

The tier of armor a skeleton wears determines the amount of damage it can withstand. And, depending on the weapons they wield, their AI will change to offer a range of gameplay opportunities and keep your encounters fresh and challenging throughout the world of Lumenshard.

Our development team has designed the skeletons in a modular way to introduce as much variety as possible. Each armor type comes with a minimum of three model variants, helping to ensure a variety of interesting enemies to battle.

We hope you're as excited as we are about the arrival of these new skeleton mobs. We're confident they will bring a dynamic and fun challenge to your Lumenshard experience. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy adventuring!


The Lumenshard Development Team

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